A single with a mission

Today let’s talk about heroes. My favourite is Batman. Why him? Why not Superman, Spiderman  and all the others who send their time saving the world? Because he is normal, simply human. A human with a mission but still a human. No super power, no supernatural protection. He is human. I fell in love with him years ago. I was a teenager. Since then, I have been in love. And it feels like i will never stop loving him. Why? Because his mission never changes. After years, he still wants to protect and save his fellow-citizens. I love Batman. In the same way, I love Anna. She is my heroine.
Why? she was a blessed single. A single with a mission.
Luke 2: 36-38 says she was very old. She was eighty-four. I can’t even imagine being that old. She was old and she had been single for most of her life. She had lived with her husband seven years after her marriage.  As in those days, women used to get married young, let’s say she got married at sixteen. So she was a widow at twenty-three. I can imagine her loneliness, her despair. It seems that she didn’t have children. At least, I choose to believe that she had no children. She could have been bitter, sad and depressed. She could have cursed the Lord. She could have done a lot things. But she chose to serve the Lord. In her despair, she chose the best. She was not a great leader, running everywhere and showing people how important and busy she was. She was a servant. She served her God and his people by praying and fasting. She was a single and she decided to use her time praying and fasting. She worshipped night and day.
My question to you, my question to me is: what are we doing with our time? What are we doing with our nights and your days? Are we using our skills to serve the Lord? Are we using our gifts to worship Him? If you don’t know what to do, pray… and fast. Pray for the Church, pray for other single women. Pray for your neighbours, pray for all those who don’t know God. Pray and fast. Pray for yourself. Pray to be content and grateful. Pray to serve Him who made you. Pray to find  a husband. And above all, pray to be a single after his own heart. Just pray and worship Him.
Prayers change hearts. Prayers change history. Prayers draw us close to God. Prayers make us know God and His ways. Anna knew. She knew what all the leaders of her time didn’t notice. She knew. She knew Jesus was the Messiah.  She knew He came to redeem his people. How did she know? She never gave up. She has a mission: being close to her Maker, worshipping Him.
She was a single with a mission. She is my heroine for ” She never left the temple but worshipped night and day, fasting and praying.
May the Lord fill your heart with prayers this week.


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