More than a heroine!

Last week, Anna was our star, our muse. This week, another woman has turned my world upside down. I am another person today, more grateful and closer to my Lord because that day I thought about her..
I had another plan for this sunday. I was thinking of writing about a woman from Genesis.  However, God had another plan for me. Her! She was a single and she was in love with Jesus. Her Lord. Her name? Mary Magdalene.
After Jesus’ death, she went to His tomb with other women (Matthew 28 : 1). Doing that was courageous and lovely. However, what moved me the most is what John told us in John 20. In John 20:11, Mary was outside by the tomb, weeping. Why was she weeping? “They have taken my Lord away…and I don’t know where they have put him.” She wanted her Lord. No way to keep going, walking, eating, sleeping, living without her Lord.  Then she saw Jesus and she thought He was the gardener. So she told Him: “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him.
She wanted her Jesus. Badly! She would rather have Jesus dead than live without Him. Jesus was her life. She knew that she had no option. It was Him or nothing.  Do you remember? When she met Jesus, she was possessed. When she met him, seven demons came out of her. Thus for her, it was either Jesus or a fellowship with demons. She had no choice.
Her heart showed me how ungrateful and arrogant I was. I used to think that if I weren’t a christian I would have been married, richer, happy. I knew Jesus died for me. I knew He was my saviour. However somehow I thought that a good life was possible without Him. And I was wrong. There is no happiness, no good life without Him. He said He is the life (John 14:6). He said His peace is different (John 14:27). He said when His joy will remain in us, our joy will be full, perfect ( John 15:11). And we all know that Jesus can not lie. That means apart from Him there no life, no peace, no joy. Even when people without Jesus seem joyful, peaceful and full of life, they don’t have those things. Because it is only in Jesus that we can find them. Mary knew that. Mary had understood that. And if we don’t understand that, the day Jesus will seem to be dead in our lives, this day, we will quit. It is high time to declare : ” I would rather have no life with Jesus than a life without Him.”He is the life!

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