Today (or yesterday), I read the end of Revelation. It is glorious! It gives me deeper convictions about living my life for and with God.  I want to glorify him. I want to be in the winning side. I am amazed by Him. I want to know Him more.

However, today was a day of failures. I did not reach the goal. I didn’t keep my promise about that aspect of my character that needs to change. I spent too much time trying to prove that I am worth it. I too much time looking for approval and praise. And I don’t want to face God. But I need to.

I need His grace and love. I need Him to change me. I am so powerless.

I need him to remember that tomorrow he will till be there to help me. I ned His still small voice because He is my Lord and my saviour.


One thought on “Revelation

  1. My sweet friend, how touching your heart-pouring to God. I wish I’d be as consumed as you are to be close to our Lord… But yes, His grace towards us is far beyond from imagination but so real at the same time. Let your heart and life be peaceful!!
    Take care my lovely Anne. Savi

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