And if…

Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.

1 John: 2:6

And if I really walked in the same way Jesus walked?

Then all who labor and are heavy laden would come to me to have rest. Matthew 11:29

Then I would never quarrel nor cry aloud,

And would never break those who are weak. Matthew 12: 19-20

I would be always serving and never be served. Mark 10:45

I would look beyond appearances. Luke 21: 1-4

My food would be to do the will of God and I would declare the gospel even when I am tired. John 4: 6-26; 34

I would help people who are not asking for my help. John 4: 2-9

I would not receive my glory from people. John 5: 41

I would look at God to meet the needs that seem too big. John 6: 1-11

I would always seek God’s glory and would always be true. John 7: 18

I would give mercy where condemnation seems to be the right thing to do. John 8: 2-11

I would be a good shepherd and fight for God’s children when Satan plays with them. I would not turn my back to them because of their sins. John 10: 10-11

I would not always do want people ask me to do for them, but out of love will do it the way God wants. John 5-6

I would openly weep. John 11:35

I would humble myself and always choose a donkey instead of a horse. John 12: 14-15

I would wash the feet of and eat with those who betray me. John 13: 1-30

I would pray for those I love. John 17

I would protect my brothers. John 18: 7-9

I would not reject those who deny me. Mark 16: 6-7; Luke 24:34

As I am not always walking like Him, thirsty and hungry for His righteousness (Matthew 5:6), I count on His mercy and press on toward the goal, toward Him (Philippians 3:14).


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