Thanksfullness time

There are things we feel obliged to say thank you for. We will thank God for Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, redemption, justification and all the blessings that come with. We say thanks for our jobs, our possessions, food, friends, family, church, etc. But what are we really grateful for?

Last week was a difficult week. I complained a lot to God and cried a lot. So on Friday, the Holy Spirit led me to stop and just thank God. I did it and my heart changed. The power of gratitude! No wonder the Holy Spirit repeats ceaselessly in the Bible “Be thankful”. So what I am thankful for?

Christ! Because, I really need a mediator between God and me, a redeemer, an interceder, a great High Priest, a good Shepherd, a Savior, and a Lord and King to lead and instruct me.

The Holy Spirit! God dwelling in me? So cool! And the power to change, to become more like Jesus. And I so need a Helper and a Comforter.

Salvation! To see God face to face. It will be my dream come true.

The Bible! What a grace to be able to read and read and read the Word of God, and to see Him, to know Him, to meet Him on every page.

Life! I am alive and I can know God, have a relationship with Him, and glorify Him. Even if sometimes I wish everything were different, it is good to be alive.

People who love me! Family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, coworkers… There are people who never forget to be there for me, to look for me when I lose myself, to support me even when I don’t ask. There are those undeserved phone calls, smiles, gifts, encouraging words…

My apartment! I just like it! It feels like home.

My couch! More comfy than a bed.

Avocado! I can eat them every day without salt or any seasoning.

Books! What will be the world without them?

Quinoa! Don’t ask. I am a fan.

Internet and google! If you ask why, you will never understand.

John piper! He loves my God and helps me to love Him more.

Water (to drink, watch and play in)! I know, it should have come before avocado.

Smoothies! Fruits can be so boring.

Cantaloupe! It tastes happiness.

Music and dance!

Jean-Jacques Goldman! Just go and listen.

My green table! It is beautiful.

And all the rest: Toronto, Streetcars, TTC, Paris, New York, fall, summer, phone, computers, cooking, cherries, Star Wars…


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